FlexDex is Hiring Bright(on) Mechanical Engineers!

R&D (Mechanical Design) Engineer Position Openings

FlexDex Surgical, a medical device startup based in the Ann Arbor (MI) area, is working to transform minimally invasive surgery world-wide. FlexDex’s line of surgical instruments are based on an elegant mechanical design that offers finesse, dexterity, and instinctive control so far seen only in multi-million dollar robotic solutions. The company’s mission is to globally democratize minimally invasive surgical procedures that are currently too complicated or too expensive.

Several video demonstrations are posted on the company’s website: www.flexdex.com/videos.

To help realize its vision, FlexDex Surgical is looking for highly creative and self-motivated engineers who are passionate about positively impacting healthcare access. A Bachelor’s degree in engineering and strong experience in mechanical design, development, and fabrication are required. Key skills and attributes needed for the job include:

  • Self-motivation, passion for technology innovation, and strong desire to make an impact

  • Strong mechanical engineering and design experience in linkages, transmissions, cable drives, cams, pulleys, shafts, fasteners, structures, etc.

  • Working knowledge and experience in Design for Manufacturability/ Assembly/ Part-count Reduction, and Material Selection.

  • Experience in prototype design, fabrication, assembly, and debugging. Experience with traditional fabrication processes as well as rapid prototyping methods is desired.

  • Proficiency in 3D CAD, engineering drawings, GD&T, and tolerance stack-up analysis.
  • Experience in medical product design, development, and manufacturing will be a plus.
  • Strong teamwork, project management, and communication skills.

FlexDex Surgical offers a fast-paced and rewarding environment for employees to contribute to the company’s mission, grow professionally, and have fun. Please contact jobs@flexdex.com with a detailed resume and a research/design/development portfolio. The company offers a competitive salary, benefits, and stock options. Here are some great reasons to live and work in the Ann Arbor, MI area: http://www.annarborusa.org/live-here/facts-rankings.