Minimally invasive surgical platform based on the principles of simplicity, functionality, and cost effectiveness is now available in the world’s second largest healthcare market.

Brighton, Michigan, December 27, 2017: FlexDex, Inc. is pleased to announce the first surgical procedure performed using the FlexDex™ Needle Driver outside of the United States on December 18, 2017. Dr. Shuji Saito, M.D., Director, Division of Surgery, Gastrointestinal Center at the Yokohama Shin-Midori General Hospital, Yokohama, Japan, performed the laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair using the revolutionary FlexDex needle driver.

“The FlexDex needle driver enabled me to insert the needle at new and previously difficult angles. This approach simplified suturing stiff tissues like coopers ligament and other tissues around the pubic bone. In addition, tying surgical knots was much easier using the FlexDex tool,” said Dr. Saito.

“It’s extremely exciting to see my colleague Dr. Saito as he pioneers the FlexDex technology in Japan,” said Dr. James Geiger, M.D., Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FlexDex, Inc. “We are excited to launch the FlexDex platform in Japan where robotics today is mostly limited to urological procedures. The other existing robotic platforms come at an extremely high cost and are limited to only a few hundreds hospitals. When paired with Japanese surgeons’ advanced surgical skills, we believe FlexDex Surgical® will enable surgeons across various specialties to perform highly complex, reconstructive surgeries in Japan and lead Asia and the world in technique and procedural development.”

The first generation FlexDex Surgical Needle Driver is currently approved for sale in the United States, Japan, and Brazil. The company is developing additional instruments that will enable surgeons around the world to perform advanced laparoscopic procedures without the need of a multi-million dollar robotic system. The company is set toward the path of democratizing minimally invasive surgery, making their surgeon powered robotic platform available in any operating room at any time.

About FlexDex Surgical, Inc.: Located forty five minutes outside of Detroit, Michigan, USA, FlexDex, Inc. is set to advance minimally invasive surgeries by developing the FlexDex platform to enable surgeons with high performing, cost effective instruments. The patented Virtual Center™ technology fundamentally changes the way surgical instrumentats are being powered and handled with human-like dexterity without the complexity and cost of a computer-aided robotic system. The FlexDex platform is a scalable technology for use in every country, for any surgeon, at any time.

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