Our engineering team is pleased to announce the achievement of another IP milestone after securing a patent in China for our three-axis gimbal technology. This technology is an integral piece of our revolutionary laparoscopic platform and is an essential component of its ergonomic and functional design.

The FlexDex™ platform provides the dexterity and precision of a surgical robot in an affordable and intuitively controlled instrument. This technology makes it possible for surgeons in any hospital, anywhere in the world, to benefit from the precision of robotic surgical procedures. Prior to the FlexDex instruments, a robotic surgical platform would have typically cost over $2 million in equipment, and significant time and expense for staff training.

In addition to this patent, FlexDex, Inc has received patent approval for the Infinity Handle™ and Virtual Center™ Technologies in the US and several other countries around the world. Needless to say we have been extremely pleased with the rapid adoption of our technology and look forward to continued expansion around the globe.

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