There are so many patients who need minimally invasive surgeries but don’t have the means. We’d like to help make a difference there.

– Shorya Awtar

In an article published by ASME Shorya Awtar discusses his early inspiration for the FlexDex™ robotic platform. From the article:

“About a decade ago, I was working at General Electric in R&D as a mechanical engineer, focusing on high-tech problems, and I came across robotic surgical systems,” explains Awtar, the co-founder and CTO of FlexDex Surgical, the company behind the product. “While an amazing technology, it seemed too expensive and complicated for widespread use. I was convinced that there was a simpler, less expensive, and more compact design possible that could reach the masses.”

This led him to the first design of what would become the FlexDex, which offers a user interface that attaches to the surgeon’s wrist by a gimbal and which has an elongated shaft that enters the patient’s body. It utilizes a pair of jaws, capable of clamping or grasping, that articulate to reach more difficult locations within the body. A patented mechanical system finds the center of rotation of the instrument’s handle at the same point as the surgeon’s wrist.

To continue reading about the development of FlexDex’s new surgeon powered robotic system, click here.

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