Cadillac, Michigan, January 5, 2018: Dr. Kent Bowden, a general surgeon at the Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital just performed his 100th case using the FlexDex™ Needle Driver. Dr. Bowden has done more cases with FlexDex than any other sugeon, and will be the first surgeon to receive the FlexDex Centurion award. He’ll also be leading a new generation of FlexDexperts™, offering advice and guidance to the international surgical community as they adopt the new technology. The following is a short interview conducted with Dr. Bowden following his 100th case.

FlexDex: How has FlexDex has changed your approach or your practice?

Dr. Bowden: FlexDex has changed my practice by enabling me, through wristed instruments, to perform minimally invasive cases that were previously too difficult to accomplish with traditional ‘straight sticks’. It has allowed me to expand my minimally invasive offerings for my patients and improved my outcomes for my established minimally invasive approaches.

FlexDex: Why did you choose FlexDex over other robotic platforms?

Dr. Bowden: The FlexDex platform is not cost prohibitive, it did not require training a whole team, developing a new service line or the capital investment that can cripple a small hospital. It ultimately gave me results I see others are obtaining with other robotic platforms but at a fraction of the cost and without the headache of ‘docking’, having a set team to use, set hours I can use it or only one room I can use it in.

FlexDex: What have been the benefits of using FlexDex over other traditional approaches?

Dr. Bowden: The benefits of FlexDex over ‘straight stick’ laparoscopy is all in its wristed ability. Traditional laparoscopy is like operating with fine chopsticks (in, out, open, close), flexdex is like operating with finger tips, I can flex, extend, rotate and twist just like I can with my hand, and the motion is all intuitive.

About FlexDex Surgical, Inc.: Located forty five minutes outside of Detroit, Michigan, USA, FlexDex, Inc. is set to advance minimally invasive surgeries by developing the FlexDex platform to enable surgeons with high performing, cost effective instruments. The patented Virtual Center™ technology fundamentally changes the way surgical instrumentats are being powered and handled with human-like dexterity without the complexity and cost of a computer-aided robotic system. The FlexDex platform is a scalable technology for use in every country, for any surgeon, at any time.

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